Patient Testimonials

Here is what our patient’s have to say about their experiences at Reaves Dental Practice. 

  • 07/03/18

         I am very happy.  My pediatrician and lactation consultant kept telling me I had a “lazy baby” with his latch, now we             nurse perfectly.  Your practice was kind and caring with Bryce.  Thank you so very much!

  • 6/12/15 Wendy

         Thank you very much for your professionalism, care, and attention to detail throughout my teeth implant process.                  The wait was worth it!  My new teeth are perfect!  I highly recommend Reaves Dental Practice because of the quality             of care I received.

  • 5/24/2012 Debra

    As always Jeanette was very thorough when cleaning my teeth. Also, I always enjoy the conversations we have whenever I come in for my 6 month cleaning and evaluation. I never have any problems with any of my visits and the entire staff is always friendly and very patient oriented.
  • 6/14/2012 Anonymous

    The office always allow my daughter and myself to have appointments at the same time. That works great with my work schedule. At this point my daughter LIKES the dentist. That says a lot! I love the way they explain what needs to be done and what will happen if you choose not to do what is suggested. Wonderful place, wonderful people! Very happy my husband found them.

  • 10/5/2012 Patricia

    I would like to thank Patty for finding an opening for me after I broke my tooth. Dr. Glenn and Kelly were terrific in putting on the temporary crown. My mouth felt so much better after this. I look forward to next weeks appointment for the actual crown. Thank you for your care and concern as this is very much appreciated!!

  • 10/11/2012 Migdalia

    Dr. Glenn and Dr. Justin Reaves are the best dentists around here. I wouldn’t go to any other one. Love their work and they are so nice and the staff there are excellent too!

  • 10/13/2012 John

    I was able to get in to see Dr. Justin a day after I contacted them with a dental issue after moving to the area. I then went a second time for a root canal with Dr. Glenn and Cathy and I was treated with great professionalism and care. The staff is wonderful and friendly and I was shocked when Dr. Glenn called that evening to see how I was feeling. I have never had a dentist do that. I have another appointment in a month and plan on becoming a regular patient there. Thanks!

  • 10/17/2012 Elizabeth

    We got our teeth cleaned yesterday and of course we love Bridget. But the whole team makes the visit enjoyable. They take time to get to know a little about your life and then follow up even though we only see them about every 6 months. Thanks for making the office a more personable place to come to over the year.

  • 1/31/2013 Karen

    I had lost a large filling in my front tooth, so I was so grateful that they were able to get me in right away to have it repaired. The quality of the work by both Dr. Justin and Dr. Glenn is the best. You can’t even tell there is a filling there; it blends so well with my natural tooth. The staff is always accomodating and friendly and makes you feel very comfortable the moment you walk in the door. Thank you for another job well done!

  • 4/3/2013 Peter

    I just had an appointment at the new factilities and I have to say I was extremly impressed with what I saw. A warm, spacious and welcoming waiting room with a fireplace. A well designed check-in and billing area. The treatment rooms are filled with state-of-the-art equipment. Yet, the one thing that was not different was the professional, courteous and friendly service of the staff and Dr. Glenn and Dr. Justin.

  • 9/5/2013 Mary Ellen

    Very professional office. Thank you to Dr. Justin and every staff person who worked with me during my first appointment. Each person I came into contact with had excellent communication skills and provided a warm and welcoming environment. Very rarely is this accomplished in business today-thank you again.

  • 12/20/2013 Anonymous

    Ever since I was a child, I have always had good oral hygiene. My parents instilled this into me. After years of going to the same dentist in the Utica area, he retired. I was forced to find a new provider. Taking a recommendation of others, I made an appointment with another Utica area dentist. The experience was horrible. It was so bad that I almost gave up on going to the Dentist. Then entered Reaves Dental. My first first was actually with my 3 year old son, to which I was very impressed. So impressed that I was back in a few days for my first visit. A few weeks later, I was back again for a cleaning. I can’t say enough about the staff. From the friendly smile and greeting that I received from Rhianna to the incredible knowledge and abilities of Pamme (my hygienist), to of course Dr. Reaves and Dr. Reaves. My experiences have been nothing short of truly enjoyable! Thanks for renewing my trust in a Dental practice once again. Please be assured I will be recommending you to everyone I can!!
  • 2/8/2014 Laura

    Reaves Dental Practice has a brand new, beautiful, high-tech, and clean facility. Each room has a nice relaxing view of birdfeeders outside. I have never had to wait more than a minute or two for my appointment. All of the employees-from the receptionists, to the hygienists and dentists are very friendly and personable. Dr. Justin Reaves is fantastic and very patient with small children.
  •  2/14/2014 Marcia

    Very nervous about dental work recently. Pamme was excellent, concerned about any pain, enjoyable to talk to, explained what she was doing, not a bad experience after all. I had a case presentation of necessary dental work. Dr. Reaves explained work to be done in terms understanable, Karin reviewed finances very well. Thank you. Already started on dental work, anxiety decreasing, thank you.
  • 2/25/2014 Bethann

    On my initial visit to Reaves Dental, the first thing that struck me was the professionalism and courtesy of every staff member. Every member of the team was courteous, intelligent, and kind. The diagnostic testing done was top of the line and more thorough than from any other dentist I have ever had. At my second visit, Dr. Glenn Reaves sat down with me and explained all the results of the testing and what needed to be done (and in what order!) I then had my teeth cleaned, again, more thoroughly than I have ever had before. The Drs. Reaves are not ‘participating providers’ on my dental insurance, but I know I would rather pay more for excellence than pay less for mediocre or merely good.
  • 2/27/2014 Richard

    It’s a pleasure to come to your office. Everybody is so pleasant, and the exam was very thorough, thanks to Dr. Justin, Chris, and Yvonne. You haven’t hurt me yet!!

About Implants

  •  12/1/2012 Jim

    Since seven implants were completed I haven’t had any problems. I would recommend this procedure to anyone in need. It was painless and very little discomfort during the healing process. I only wish that someone would have suggested this sooner.
  • 1/10/2013 Carol

    It is a painless procedure and it give you a greater confidence in life, a great big thank you goes to the entire staff. They are all true caring professionals.
  • 6/25/2013 David

    The extracted tooth and the implant went fine. There have been no issues since. I am very pleased with the professional care that was given to me. I have been quite pleased with the entire experience.

About Sleep Apnea

  • 11/27/2012 Joan

    I am so thankful to have this appliance which has alleviated the symptoms of my sleep apnea. It was a concern knowing that I had this condition affecting my health. My husband is so thankful that we are both getting a better nights sleep. The loud snoring was an annoyance and the cessation of breathing was a big concern. Since wearing this appliance, our nights have been quiet and peaceful.