Tooth Fillings / Restoration Service in New Hartford, Utica & Clinton, NY

Many people still have silver fillings in their mouths from years past, and while they are largely being replaced by composite, (white fillings) they are still used in some circumstances. These fillings are not particularly pleasing to the eye, and we know that by unavoidable design, silver fillings ultimately result in a weaker tooth structure. Porcelain inlays and onlays and composite restorations create fillings that are not only beautiful (or unnoticeable) but also add strength to weakened teeth. These restorations are esthetically pleasing and very strong thanks to new bonding technologies.

Advantages of Tooth-Colored Restorations

There are many advantages to tooth-colored restorations. Resin and porcelain inlays and onlays are bonded to the teeth creating a tight, superior fit to the natural tooth. Such restorations can be used in instances where much of the tooth structure has been lost. The tooth remains intact and stronger.

Some of the resins used in tooth-colored restorations contain fluoride, and this can help prevent decay.

The result is a beautiful smile!

Replacing Silver Fillings with a Tooth Colored Restoration

You can have your silver fillings replaced with tooth-colored restorations (porcelain onlays or composite fillings).  This isn’t always necessary, but if it is desired for better esthetics or concern over metals in your mouth, we’d be happy to discuss the process with you along with all the pros and cons.  There are a few different materials and procedures that can be used to do this, and after careful examination of your teeth and a discussion about what you want, we can come up with a customized treatment plan for you!

Your teeth are restored to a natural look and feel, they are stronger and the tooth is protected!