Did You Know These Facts About Cavities and Fillings?

As common as they are, many do not know a lot about cavities and fillings. Surveys show that people simply know that fillings treat cavities and that they think cavities form because you eat a lot of sweets. Perhaps it’s time to learn a little more about cavities and fillings. Here are some known facts about them.

Facts About Cavities

Dental research maintains that sugar does not cause cavities. Sugar and other forms of carbohydrates serve as rich sustenance for bacteria that live in your mouth. As bacteria thrive on carbohydrates, they excrete acid as their waste product. This acid waste adheres to your teeth. The longer they stay on your teeth, the greater their opportunity becomes in eroding your enamel. The eroded holes produced by the acid are called cavities.

Studies establish that enamel cannot regenerate. Fillings help by removing bacteria and their acid byproduct while preventing the cavities from getting bigger and deeper. Your enamel doesn’t have nerve endings like your skin. When it gets hurt by acid, it merely sits in your mouth and takes it. If you don’t do anything to have your teeth checked and treated for cavities, the minute holes will only get bigger over time.

Facts About Fillings

According to past and current studies, the use of fillings is as old as the dentistry profession. Many believe that fillings may have been used long before dentistry. Even during these modern times, dental fillings are still highly recommended treatments.

Research explains that fillings are called as such because their primary purpose is to fill a cavity or a hole created by tooth decay. Your dentist cleans the cavity first to remove any detrimental infected tooth area and oral bacteria. Then, your dentist places a biocompatible substance into your cavity to take the place of the decayed inner tooth components. Remember, fillings still need good enamel on which to attach. If the cavity becomes too big, the filling for that tooth will just fall off.

Historical data proves ancient people tried myriad materials like beeswax as dental fillings. In the past century, dentists have always used metal amalgam as fillings. Though strong, metal fillings have given patients problems. The sick, the elderly, and those who have reactions to metals often have difficulty with metal fillings.

Dental experts use modern fillings that are as durable as metal fillings. These fillings are made of composite resin that imitates the color of natural teeth. Composite resin is a combination of acrylic particles that are durable enough to endure each bite.

Dentists have always depended on fillings to save your tooth from the destructive effects of cavities. At Reaves Dental, we give you only strong, effective, and aesthetically pleasing fillings for treating your cavities. The quick solution to cavities if you’re in the New Hartford area, is visiting Reaves Dental for your dental fillings in New Hartford. You can call us at 315-736-0139 (returning patient) or 315-737-4134 (new patient) if you want to schedule an appointment or make inquiries about our dental fillings in New Hartford, NY.

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