Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentistry services are invaluable in helping to keep your child’s teeth in the best health possible. We love seeing kids of all ages, and one of our biggest goals is to start kids out with a great experience at the dentist so it is a fun place to go, instead of a dreaded one.  Here is what you need to know about pediatric dentistry and what it can do for your little ones.

When should I start taking my child to the dentist?

The exact age at which a child will cut their first tooth can vary widely. In most cases, the infant's teeth begin to erupt between 4 and 6 months of age. However, it is not unheard of for a baby to be over a year old before their teeth begin to appear. In very rare cases, babies have even been born with their first tooth already cut! We recommend you bring your child in around their first birthday for their first checkup. These initial visits will involve a brief look into your infant’s mouth to check that the teeth look healthy and in the right position, and most importantly, discuss the things you can do to best care for your child’s teeth. We recommend another similar visit at 2 years, and then they would have their first cleaning visit around the age of 3. 

Many children who are fearful of the dentist have developed their anxiety as a result of a phobia passed down from their parents, or because the environment and process are unfamiliar which is why the sooner you get your little one used to visiting the dentist, the less frightened they are likely to be which can make appointments much easier and more pleasant for everyone involved.

Pediatric dentistry services

Many pediatric dentistry services are not all that dissimilar to the services that we receive as an adult. However, there are additional elements that uniquely apply to children. Typically you can expect:

  • Regular appointments for dental check-ups (often family block appointments are available so that you can have all of your
    children seen at once for added convenience)

  • Cavity risk assessments

  • Professional cleaning including fluoride treatments

  • Early assessment for potential orthodontic involvement should your child have teeth that are in poor alignment or an over/under/crossbite

  • Care and management for gum issues, including impacted teeth that have not erupted as they should

  • Assessment for issues such as bruxism (teeth grinding) or sleep apnea.

  • Support with behaviors that affect your child’s dental health,
    for example, sucking their thumb or using a pacifier

  • Support with an eruption of secondary teeth including managing
    overcrowding and failed eruptions

  • General advice on nutrition and proper brushing techniques

As a responsible and loving parent, you are committed to both your child’s dental health and ensuring that they receive the care and compassion that they deserve from their dentist. By choosing Reaves Dental, you can ensure that they will receive treatment from a professional who understands and is experienced in dealing with young people of all ages. We know how to speak to and explain things to your child in ways they will understand and will have developed tools and techniques for making the entire experience as relaxed and calm as possible.

For more information on pediatric dentistry services we offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

New Patient Visit

Finding a new dentist can be a complicated process. After researching dentists near you, getting estimates for your exam, and reading all their reviews, we often forget about the entire point of that initial appointment. Your first appointment helps to establish you as a patient for that office and gets you familiar with a new staff and their general procedures. When you decide to make Reaves Dental your home for you and your families oral health, we want to make sure we all on the same page.  Our initial visit for kids is meant to be a fun visit where they can start to feel comfortable with the sights and sounds of the dental office, and get their teeth cleaned.  We will also discuss recommended preventative measures such as x-rays, fluoride and sealants depending on their age.  

For adults, the first visit is usually the most comprehensive dental exam you’ve ever had.  We will do an exam of your head and neck, including your TMJ (jaw joint), chewing muscles, lips, cheeks, and tongue.  This also includes an advanced oral cancer screening where we shine a specialized light and look at your tissue through glasses with a specific filter that helps us to see damaged tissue that may be invisible to the naked eye.  This helps to diagnose bad problems earlier, and lessen the chance of serious disease.

We will do a thorough charting of your teeth including existing restorations, cracks, cavities, and other conditions.   We will evaluate your bite to see if there are signs that it is out of balance, then we will measure the pocket between your teeth and gums and evaluate any inflammation that might be present.  A full set of intra and extra oral photographs will be taken to document your baseline for future comparison, and any appropriate x-rays will be taken.  

The doctor will then evaluate all this information after you have left and put together any recommended treatment, which will then be discussed thoroughly at your next visit, which is a consult included in the cost of your initial exam.

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