Frenectomies - Tongue/Lip Ties

Did you know that up to 15% of infants are born with a tongue and/or lip tie that significantly affect the way they are able to feed? For some mothers, it can create a painful and frustrating experience when they are starting out nursing, and turn what could be a wonderful bonding experience between mother and child into a daily nightmare. Many physicians are now paying more attention to this problem than ever before, but it is something that can still go unnoticed.

How to tell if your baby might have a tongue or lip tie?

Lip Tie:

  • Does your baby’s gums blanch white when you lift their lip?
  • Does your baby have a hard time getting a deep latch on your breast?
  • Is breastfeeding more painful than it was with a previous child?
  • Do you have blistering or pain on your nipples after feeding?
  • Does you child have a nursing blister on their lip?

Tongue Tie:

  • Does your baby’s tongue not lift at all when they cry?
  • Can you see a band of tissue that looks like it’s attached to their gums?
  • Is your baby’s tongue indented or heart shaped?
  • Does your baby get frustrated when nursing or is not gaining weight?

All of these a signs that you and your baby could benefit from a procedure called a frenectomy.
Frenectomy procedure:
The procedure is done in our office with a laser. In a matter of minutes the laser removes the tight bands of tissue that didn’t resorb all the way in utero in order to restore full range of motion to their lip and tongue. We treat babies as soon as they leave the hospital when it is indicated. It is never too soon to have them evaluated by a trained professional that can help in deciding whether a frenectomy could help them and you.

Potential benefits of a frenectomy:

  • Less painful nursing
  • More productive feeding
  • Less air ingested when feeding
  • Less gas
  • Decreased chance of speech problems
  • Decreased chance of orthodontic problems

​​​​​​​If you think that your child may have a lip or tongue tie that is problematic, call our office to schedule a consult today. Dr. Justin will do a thorough evaluation of your child and discuss the problems that you have been having. If a frenectomy is indicated, he will discuss the procedure with you and answer any questions you might have. Our goal is always to make you as comfortable as possible with any treatment decisions you make.

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