How Invisalign Works

Invisalign consists of a series of clear aligners that correct teeth crookedness over a period of time. Each aligner is customized according to the patient’s needs and comfortably fits each and every time. Once we obtain models of your teeth from impressions or an intraoral scanner, the files are uploaded, and a set of slowly changing models are printed from a 3D printer.  From there, the models will be used to create the aligners that we will insert every few weeks, and monitor to make sure the movement is taking place as planned. The number of aligners will depend on the severity of the issue, but most people complete the process in a year.

Is Invisalign Right for you?

Invisalign is a great system for straightening teeth and closing gaps but is not the right choice for everybody as there are a few more severe orthodontic issues that Invisalign can’t correct. It is also important to remember that this system requires a bit of self-care, so if you are not committed to wearing the trays as recommended, then this system will likely not work for you. We will be able to identify if your current concerns can be corrected by Invisalign.

Does it Hurt?

At the top of everybody’s mind is whether or not the aligners are painful. Since the teeth are being adjusted, there is a bit of discomfort involved.  Usually there are a couple of days of soreness with each new set of aligner as your teeth move which can be helped with Tylenol or Ibuprofen, but there are no wires or brackets to poke your cheeks and gums.


How Much Does It Cost?

Because everybody’s case is slightly different, the cost will vary as the amount you pay will correlate with how complicated your case is. The cost of Invisalign at our office most often ranges between $2500-$6000 but may be significantly more based on your situation.


Regular dental appointments are a critical component in your dental health. The health of your mouth also has impacts on other aspects of your body as well, so it’s important to make sure that you correct any issues as soon as possible. If you are considering a checkup, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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