How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Improve Your Smile

How much do you like your smile? Lots of people are unhappy with the appearance of their teeth, which can cause them to feel self-conscious or even embarrassed about sharing their smile. Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry treatments are specifically designed to address the way that teeth look, improving them so that patients can feel confident in their appearance of their smile.


Here are just a few of the ways in which cosmetic dentistry can improve your smile:


No Visible Fillings


Most people need to have fillings during their lifetime. These are used to close up holes where decay has been removed. Traditionally, fillings were made from silver amalgam which is placed into the hole. Since they are dark grey in color, they are very obvious in appearance and tell anyone who sees them that you’ve had dental decay. Although amalgam fillings are still available, it’s now possible to get white fillings that are virtually invisible and impossible to detect. This automatically improves the appearance of your smile.  


A Whiter Smile


A bright, white smile is a top priority for anyone who is considering cosmetic dentistry to improve the appearance of their smile. Over time, our teeth can become discolored and stained by a variety of things, from the food and drink we consume to environmental toxins like nicotine. Although plenty of over-the-counter products claim to be able to whiten teeth, only professional whitening delivers exceptional and long-lasting results. For patients who aren’t a good candidate for teeth whitening, such as if they are sensitive to the bleaching agent, veneers may be a good alternative. This is because they can be glazed in any shade necessary and can therefore be used to enhance and improve the color of teeth.


Straighter Teeth


It’s very common for teeth to be crooked, overlapping, and out of alignment. In the past, the only way to correct misaligned teeth was to use conventional braces comprising brackets and wires. These aren’t only uncomfortable, but also make cleaning your teeth very difficult and they severely affect the appearance of teeth while you are undergoing treatment. Fortunately, there are now much more discreet options available, including Invisalign – a clear aligner solution that sits over the top of teeth and applies pressure to them to move them into the correct position. They are also much more convenient, making treatment simpler too.


If you have very small imperfections in the positioning of your teeth you may be recommended to have veneers instead. These are thin shells of porcelain that are custom designed to cover specific teeth and can hide imperfections such as small gaps between the teeth. And as we know, they are glazed in the color necessary to blend in with the rest of your smile too.


Replacement Teeth


Sometimes decay or damage to the teeth means that, if they don’t fall out themselves, extraction really is the best course of action. Unsurprisingly, nobody wants to be left with a gap in their teeth. The good news is that there are many ways to restore your smile. One of the most popular methods is with dental implants. These are artificial teeth comprising of a porcelain crown and metal post. The metal post is inserted into the bone of the jaw to anchor the replacement, with the crown placed on top. Implants don’t rely on natural teeth and are considered to be the most stable, secure, and natural tooth replacement in terms of functionality and appearance.


Want to know what your new smile will look like before you start your cosmetic dentistry journey? We have invested in the latest dental technologies to be able to bring our patients Cosmetic Simulation – a highly accurate way to visualize exactly what your new smile will look like based on the treatments that you are considering. Ask our team about Cosmetic Simulation, or about any of the cosmetic dentistry treatments that we offer today.  


Learn more about how cosmetic dentistry can improve your smile, contact Reaves Dental in New Hartford, NY at (315) 736-0139 to book an appointment. 

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